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     Ningbo Beilun District Guangqi Precision Instruments Co., Ltd. is located in the reputation of "book collection ancient and modern, port to the world" reputation of the eastern Zhejiang coastal open city-Ningbo, five kilometers away from Ningbo Port ,40 kilometers away from Ningbo Quercus International Airport, the surrounding environment is superior, traffic developed. The company's products set light, machine, electricity as one, inherited advanced research, processing, measurement equipment, and draw the most advanced high-speed rotating body dynamic balance theory technology at home and abroad, to produce a high degree of intelligence, reliable performance, good stability of dynamic balance detection equipment. Now is a research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the modern dynamic balancing machine manufacturing enterprises. All kinds of general-purpose and special-purpose dynamic balancing machines are designed and manufactured, and one-stop technical services related to dynamic balance such as balance cement, balance clamp, dynamic balance detection and processing are provided. The products are suitable for all rotating bodies with 3 grams ~40 tons, with flash type, digital display, Chinese display, microcomputer industrial control system and other measurement and display systems. It can carry on the high precision dynamic balance correction to the high speed rotating body, eliminate the vibration and noise produced by the parts in their working state, and effectively prolong the service life of the whole machine. Products are widely used in brake disc, chuck, pulley, electronic equipment, fan, motor, mechanical manufacturing, home appliances, toys, and other industrial and civil fields. In addition, our company also provides customers with special models for the design of special components, large-scale workpiece field dynamic balance and old-style dynamic balancing machine transformation and other professional services. The company has always been the implementation of technology, service integration of the management system, truly reflects a wide range of people to meet customer needs as the eternal goal, for your products to enhance value is our eternal pursuit!


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