40% intelligent toilet safety hidden danger your toilet safety?

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Recently, the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection issued three kinds of water-saving products such as toilet spot check results show that 18 batches of non-conforming products are all intelligent toilet, body cleaner, single product class failure rate of up to 40%, and there are endangering personal safety unqualified items. And the well-known brands in the field of sanitary ceramics, such as Olusa, Guanzhu and Long whale, occupy the "half of the mountains" of the black list. Industry insiders said that the smart toilet industry has just started, a serious lack of regulation, norms, some companies ignore production standards or ignorance led to the situation. However, after the national inspection, we have collectively regretted, improved the production process. Four out of 10 smart toilets Non-conforming products endanger personal safety It is understood that this test is the first time in the national toilet products spot check on intelligent toilet products to carry out supervision. A total of 52 kinds of ordinary toilet ,25 kinds of integral intelligent toilet ,20 kinds of independent toilet cleaner (electronic toilet lid),18 batches of unqualified products from intelligent toilet, body cleaner. In order to highlight the items involved in personal health and safety, AQSIQ has focused on the inspection of safety items such as input power and current, heating, leakage current and electrical strength at working temperature, moisture resistance, leakage current and electrical strength, grounding measures, heat resistance and fire resistance and safe water level. As a result, many brands have broken down on these most basic items. One of the worst-hit areas of the unqualified project is the ring fire resistance of intelligent toilet products. It is reported that heat resistance and flame resistance are mandatory requirements of electrical safety standards. If the heat resistance and flame resistance of non-metallic materials in electrical products do not meet the requirements, when the product fails or overload, smoke, fire and other accidents may occur, which directly endanger the personal safety of users. A total of 17 batches of products ring material flame-resistant test is not qualified, the main reason is that enterprises in the production process did not add flame retardants or not enough flame retardants. Olusa, Long whale, Belang, Guanzhu, Apollo and other brand products, there is this problem. Another serious unqualified item is the intelligent toilet product grounding measures. It is reported that this is also a mandatory requirement of electrical safety standards, the project is not qualified may cause electrical shock accident. Three batches of products have this problem, wave whale products won the bid again. There is also 1 batch of products, heat does not meet the standard requirements. Dry the human body with hot air temperature appreciation too high, will cause harm to users. A lot of toilet fires Some manufacturers do not understand safety standards Looking back on previous news, intelligent toilet fire has occurred many times. In 2013, mr. liu's dongpeng smart toilet in dongguan caught fire. "The entire toilet has collapsed, leaving only a massive structure, and the upper left corner of the socket connected to the toilet plug melts." At that time, industry insiders had analyzed that the toilet seat may not be flame-retardant. According to the "jianghuai morning newspaper" reported that in 2012 in a residential district in hefei ren's rental housing, shanghai "olusha" bathroom company produced intelligent toilet also spontaneous combustion left a base. Neither of the above two accidents has published the final cause of the accident investigation. In december 2014, according to the china business newspaper, mr. yuan's smart toilet in xi' an also spontaneous combustion, manufacturers explained that due to the aging of the line. Is there strict safety regulation in the production standard of intelligent toilet? Some industry insiders point out that smart toilet is not yet a complete standard. This product toilet ring part according to the household appliance standard specification, the lower part according to the sanitary ceramic standard production. Afterwards, the reporter consulted "the special requirements of safe toilet for household and similar electrical appliances "(GB40706.53—2008), in which the docking measures, heat resistance and fire resistance are clearly stipulated. Since the standard is clearly defined, why is there such a large proportion of products that are not qualified on important items involving personal safety? Huang xinhong, secretary-general of the intelligent bathroom branch of the china ceramic industry association, told the beijing china times that although the intelligent toilet industry has developed in china for more than ten years, it has not been warm and hot, the market acceptance is not high, and few people pay attention to it. The traditional industry of some production enterprises is sanitary ceramics, after the intelligent toilet project, the safety requirements of the toilet ring part produced as electrical appliances are ignored. Some manufacturers can say that even do not know that there is this production standard, directly led to the spot check results so "tragic ". In terms of heat and flame resistance, Huang said adding flame retardants would increase production costs for some small manufacturers. "Adding flame retardants costs a lot to re-open. Technical failure, plastic surface will also appear blemishes, sitting lap and sitting cover to produce color difference ." so many small factories choose not to add. As for the problems such as grounding measures, it is proved that the quality control of the products is not strict. But let the beijing times reporter puzzled is, the small factory jerry-building, and the big brand such as olusa's own product price is not cheap, why to save the cost of dozens of dollars to commit to risk? In fact, many brands of smart toilet are looking for downstream enterprises contract, quality control is not good, there will be problems. The enterprises involved have been rectified Non-conforming products can be returned without reason Last year, Japan snapped up the news of the smart toilet ring, so that smart sit-down products received great attention. Just as the industry has attracted the attention of domestic consumers, the results of the national inspection has given a lot of companies eager for immediate success. Before the results were made public, companies and associations were notified in 2015, according to Huang. In view of the problems in spot check, the association actively carries out standard publicity and training, and organizes suppliers and technicians to tackle the technical problems of adding flame retardants. "Nothing can be used as a reason to violate national standards, this spot check to many production enterprises sounded the alarm ." It is reported that the enterprises involved have been rectified under the supervision of the Association. "Now, with the exception of a few small, unregulated factories, most of the formal enterprises have been produced in strict accordance with national standards ." At the same time, industry insiders said that the overall standard of intelligent toilet is also stepping up the formulation, to get rid of a product as soon as possible to implement the two standards of the awkward situation. In addition, Huang also expressed the hope that the relevant national departments to strengthen the supervision of the industry :" such as this spot check, this industry is the first time, but the role of promotion can not be underestimated. After such supervision more, enterprises will naturally be more self-discipline, norms, after all, no one would like to smash their own brand ." Industry insiders also called for smart toilet products are still the future development trend, domestic technical strength of smart toilet enterprises are not a small number, many are still doing contract work for Japanese brands, so there is no need to lose confidence in such products because of the behavior of a small number of enterprises. "A spontaneous combustion accident, etc., is a minimal probability event ." In the large commercial super purchase of formal brand goods can still be safely used. How should consumers who accidentally buy unqualified products announced this time protect their rights and interests? Beijing china times reporter consulting 12315 hotline learned that if the production of their own products to determine the batch, date, model and non-conforming products, and the existence of shopping vouchers, can ask merchants to return goods without reason.

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