Winter electricity is tight when air conditioning encounters voltage instability how to do?

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During the winter peak period, voltage instability may occur under certain conditions, this time, it is necessary to see whether the home appliances can carry. If you encounter voltage instability in use, electrical appliances can not withstand such voltage changes, there is a high risk of short circuit or failure. Take air conditioning, if encountered voltage instability, how to do?

  So, if the use of air conditioning and voltage instability, what should we deal with?

Compressor motor start difficult.

  When the main control switch to the refrigeration gear, pay attention to listen to whether the compressor has started into operation. If can not start, should immediately shut down, restart still can not start, should be suspended refrigeration, wait for voltage recovery after the start of use. Don't leave without permission when the main control switch is switched to the refrigeration gear, because let the compressor overload protector be connected and cut off frequently for a long time, in case the contact point burns, the high current through the compressor line group may cause it to burn down.



  In the air conditioner start the moment, due to the start current is too large, resulting in the ammeter pointer can be instantaneous to the end, and then returned to the air conditioner normal operating current value (can see the product instructions). such as the normal operating current of the air conditioner with a refrigerating capacity of W 3480(3000 kcal/h) is 7.5 A, if at the start-up moment, the pointer of the ammeter hits to the end, and then the pointer refers back to the A at 1, indicating that the compressor is not working, while the current value of 1 indicates that the wind motor is working only. At this time, the main control switch is used to cut off the compressor circuit.

  Second, the compressor operation is unstable. Power grid voltage fluctuations, will make the compressor operation extremely abnormal, sometimes automatically stop. In this case, the user uses the main control switch to cut off the compressor circuit to prevent burning down the compressor motor line group.

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