Disc balancing machine with wheel

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The special dynamic balancing machine for disc parts is mainly used for balancing and measuring various disc parts such as flywheel, impeller, chuck, clutch, etc. The measurement system adopts advanced industrial computer (single chip microcomputer) and international general digital integrated circuit. The digital key can input the geometric dimension of the workpiece to be calibrated, display the size and phase (degree) of the unbalance after startup, and automatically memorize the display. The printer interface can be equipped, and the printer can be selected to print the measurement data in real time, so as to facilitate the tracking and monitoring of the product quality. Because of its convenient installation, high sensitivity, accurate measurement and fast speed, it is the most ideal equipment to reduce the unbalance of disk parts for you.

Main technical indicators:

1. Maximum mass of workpiece (kg) 16

2. Maximum diameter of workpiece (mm) 200

3. Maximum height of workpiece (mm) 100

4. Balance speed (R  ̄ 2  ̄ min) 500 ~ 3000

5. Minimum achievable residual unbalance EMAR ≤ 5g · mm ~ 2 μ kg

6. Reduction rate of Unbalance: URR ≥ 85 μ 3_

Note: if there is any change in the technical parameters and appearance, no notice will be given. At the same time, it can be modified or modified according to the customer's requirements.

According to the needs of users, it can be equipped with pneumatic locking device, reassembly and printing equipment.

Disc balancing machine with wheel
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