Crankshaft special balancing machine

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Crankshaft balancer is one of our company's special balancer series, which is mainly used for balance correction of automobile crankshaft, diesel locomotive crankshaft and workpieces similar to crankshaft. The measurement system adopts the industrial computer (single chip microcomputer) and the most universal digital and analog integrated circuit in the world. The speed, value and phase are all displayed by digital, and the unbalance is directly displayed by (g). According to the size of different types of workpieces, input various parameters with the number key, and the size (g) phase of the unbalance can be correctly displayed after one start, and can be memorized and displayed, and the operation is convenient and the display is intuitive. At the same time, it has the function of fixture compensation. The electromechanical transducer adopts the piezoelectric sensor, which has the advantages of small volume, high sensitivity, good stability, etc. so it is the most ideal balance equipment for automobile manufacturing, automobile repair, diesel locomotive manufacturing factory.

Technical specifications:

1. Maximum mass of workpiece 10-100 kg

2. Maximum diameter of workpiece 1000mm

3. Supporting shaft diameter range 10-180mm

4. Balance speed: 400 ~ 1600r  ̄ 2  ̄ min

5. The maximum distance from the end face of the coupling to the center of the right support seat is 1500mm

6. Motor parameters: 380V × 2 × 2.2kw × 2 × 1400R × 2 × M

7. The minimum achievable residual unevenness EMAR ≤ 1g.mm ~ 2 μ kg

8. Reduction rate of Unbalance: URR ≥ 85 μ 3_

Crankshaft special balancing machine
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