Horizontal semi-automatic balancing machine

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1、 Characteristics

1. The digital display shows the speed, support mode and the measurement value and phase of the left and right front faces

2. Double sided measurement can be carried out

3. The system is equipped with self-test function to carry out fault self-test accurately

4. It can store the dimension parameters of thousands of specifications of workpieces, facilitate the conversion of workpieces with variable specifications, and avoid complicated input work

5. Calibration and fixture eccentricity compensation functions support users to randomly check and adjust the accuracy

6. Users can select weighting and de weighting methods according to their needs, and have automatic de weighting (weighting) equipment interface

7、 It is more convenient for users to inspect and adjust the equipment by themselves

2、 Technical parameters and indicators:

1. Maximum mass of workpiece 3kg

2. Maximum diameter of workpiece φ 100mm

3. Workpiece diameter range φ 3 ~ 37mm

4. Distance between two supports 50-400mm

5. Balance speed: 1000 ~ 3500r  ̄ 2  ̄ min

6. Diameter of belt drive φ 50 ~ 150 mm

7. Maximum bearing capacity of each support frame: 1kg

8. The minimum can reach to the residual unbalance: EMAR ≤ 0.45g.mm ~ 2 μ kg

9. Reduction rate of Unbalance: URR ≥ 90  ̄ 3_

10. Measurement time < 8s

11. Operating ambient temperature range 0-45 ℃

12. Whole machine load ≤ 1.08kva

13. Power supply single-phase 220V 50Hz

Horizontal semi-automatic balancing machine
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