High specific gravity non magnetic balance mud

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1、 Product description

1. Product ingredients: 852-4 epoxy balance mortar is divided into two parts, a and B, with epoxy resin and epoxy curing agent as the main components, curing accelerator as the main components, and filling materials as the components.

2. Product features: component A is red and component B is black. The formability and thixotropy of the mastic are good, and the specific gravity of the mastic is much higher than that of the common balanced mastic. For the surface of winding coil, it has good adhesion and insulation performance. The cement can cure quickly at room temperature.

3. Product application: 852-4 epoxy balance cement is most suitable for dynamic balance correction of high-speed rotating bodies such as CPU fans and wound rotors (temperature resistance of 180 degrees, below 50000 revolutions), such as hoisting metallurgy motors, DC motors, automobile motors, micro fans, etc. In addition, it can also be used as encapsulation, inlay and bonding materials.

4. This product has passed SGS certification and belongs to environmental protection material. Please feel free to use it.

2、 How to use

1. The balance part of the paste to be pasted shall be clean and dry, and it can be wiped with alcohol when there is oil stain.

2. Mix a and B according to the volume ratio of 1:1 before use. At room temperature, knead with hand until the color is uniform, press the balance meter to indicate the imbalance, take out the cement, and paste it on the imbalance (inside or outside the coil end, or other parts) by hand to adjust the amount of cement until the dynamic balance is calibrated.

3. The glue pasted on the calibration dynamic balance shall be self hardening after being placed at room temperature of no less than 5 ℃ for 24 hours. No spillage during curing.

4. If the room temperature is too low and the cement is hard, it can be slightly heated to be soft by electric stove or hair dryer. If possible, a special low-temperature oven can be prepared to heat the A and B components of the cement to about 30 ℃, and then knead them for use. The glued surface shall also be properly preheated.

5. If the room temperature is too high and the clay is soft and sticky, you can rub some silica powder or talcum powder on the clay or hand and knead it. It is recommended to use rubber fingertips for long-term operation.

6. When a and B components are mixed, the method of "repeated twist" is the most convenient. After the calibration, please use medical alcohol to clean the residual substances on your hands.

3、 Technical requirements

Serial number

Index name



Appearance 25-30 ℃ room temperature

Plasticizer, plastic at room temperature, component a red, component B black


Service life: 20 ± 5 ℃, h, no less than



During hardening, 20 ± 5 ℃ after the two components are mixed evenly, h, no more than



Relative density of hardener, 20 ± 5 ℃

4.5 ± 0.1


Weight change (absolute value), before and after curing, ~ 3 ﹐ not more than

Zero point zero one


Dynamic adhesion (at room temperature) m  ̄ 2  ̄ min

Two thousand


Hardening property of cement after mixing component A and B

Ambient temperature, ℃

Hardening time, H



20   4-5





70 <0.5

4、 Storage period

Grouping at room temperature

Sealed and moisture-proof storage for 120 days from the date of delivery.

5、 Packaging

A. Component B is respectively packed in a sealed small iron bucket, and component A and component B are each filled with 1kg or as required by customers.

High specific gravity non magnetic balance mud
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