Field balance

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1、 Overview

The balance instrument is a portable structure, which is composed of two speed sensors, a laser probe, a microcomputer measuring system and other components. It is easy to handle and suitable for various occasions of dynamic balance on site. The speed sensor is used to measure the unbalanced signals of two measured planes, and the laser probe is used as the reference signal to synchronize with the unbalanced signals. After the three signals are input into the microcomputer measurement system for system operation, the measured unbalance, phase, rotation speed and other data are displayed on the panel with numbers respectively. The balance instrument is also equipped with printer interface, and the user can select a printer to print the measurement data, so as to monitor and track the vibration of the field equipment in the future.

2、 Working environment in use

1. Ambient temperature - 10 ° C - + 40 ° C

2. Relative humidity ≤ 85%

3. Power supply voltage AC 220V ± 10%

4. There is no strong electromagnetic field interference and corrosive gas around.

3、 Main technical performance

1. Balanced speed range 600 - 5000 rpm

2. Average measurement time 1 - 6 s

3. Display mode led three and a half digit display

4. Speed sensor sensitivity: 8MV / μ M

5. Displacement range of measured value: 0.003-28.3mm

6. Display range of unbalance 10 mg - 999 kg

7. External dimension 425x425x250 (mm)

8. Weight 7.5kg

Field balance
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